Links to Places of Interest from our Ministries and Members
Wallbuilders is a collection of Historical articles about our Nation’s foundation in Christian Faith and Belief in God and Jesus Christ.  This link leads to statements made by our Founding Fathers regarding these beliefs:
E-sword is free Bible Study software.  They accept donations, but do not charge for the software:
Unreached of the Day is an email service from the Joshua Project that sends scheduled updates telling about people groups who have little or no contact with Christian Missions; Where they are; and their predominate beliefs.  It offers suggestions for targeted prayer and mission support for these people:
The King James Audio Bible online is a free service of that offers free streaming audio from your web browser:
To purchase digital copies of our Sunday School materials, you can go to:
(Note: these materials are for-purchase.  A complete set of materials for each quarter costs around $35.00)